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European projects are considered as a strategic action to develop for VEGEPOLYS VALLEY. For our members as well as for the cluster itself, European collaborations for R&I are important opportunities. Through the integration in European networks (Plant Inter Cluster Network, Digital Innovation Hub and Competence Centre recognized by Smart AgriHubs project, etc), we demonstrate our added-value and relevance as French partner.


VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, a support to boost its members toward European projects

Our main activities are:

  • To inform and generate ideas and projects on the 7 innovation thematics of the cluster;
  • To identify and connect national and European partners;
  • To support innovative project design;
  • To guide towards European funding;
  • To support submission and label projects;
  • To follow up the achievement of projects and promotion of results.

In 2020, 48 members benefited from a European diagnosis, 22 members have been integrated to European consortia, and 18 projects have been supported toward submission.


VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, as a partner for European projects

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