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European projects are considered as a strategic action to develop for VEGEPOLYS VALLEY. For our members as well as for the cluster itself, European collaborations for R&I are important opportunities. Through the integration in European networks (Plant Inter Cluster Network, Digital Innovation Hub and Competence Centre recognized by Smart AgriHubs project, etc), we demonstrate our added-value and relevance as French partner.


VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, a support to boost its members toward European projects

Our main activities are:

  • To inform and generate ideas and projects on the 7 innovation thematics of the cluster;
  • To identify and connect national and European partners;
  • To support innovative project design;
  • To guide towards European funding;
  • To support submission and label projects;
  • To follow up the achievement of projects and promotion of results.

In 2020, 48 members benefited from a European diagnosis, 22 members have been integrated to European consortia, and 18 projects have been supported toward submission.


VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, as a partner for European projects


AgroBridges – Short Food Supply Chain

agroBRIDGES aims at empowering farmers with practical knowledge and tools to set up new business and marketing models based on Short Food Supply Chains, with a view to rebalance the market position of farmers and producers, while also better connecting them with consumers.

In this context, the project is establishing regional and European multi-actor structures for demand-driven innovation, to inform the development, testing and validation of a combination of decision support, training, communication and other digital tools, all packed in the agroBRIDGES Toolbox.

Vegepolys Valley is in charge of the French multi-actor platform to connect together stakeholders of short food supply chain and co-innovate on the best tools and methods to improve the system.

More information about the project here.


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LOCALNUTLEG Developing innovative plant-based added-value food products through the promotion of LOCAL Mediterranean NUT and LEGUME crops

Coordinated by IRTA (Spain), with INRAE-STLO as a partner and VEGEPOLYS VALLEY as sub-contractor. It aims to identify local legumes and nuts that provide a maximum of nutrients and bioactive compounds, and to allow their adoption in the Mediterranean diet through new food products of plant origin. In particular, the project will lead to the development of innovative food products (from legumes and nuts): dairy-like products, flours as well as traditional take-away meals.


Co-funded by the European Commission, TRACK gathers 5 European clusters (NL, IT, SP, RO, FR). VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is coordinator. One of the main objective is to link SMEs from ICT Industry to the Agrifood Value Chains.
(COSME H2020-20218/2020)

During a period of 26 months, TRACK consortium, coordinated by VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, had as a main objective to boost the digitalization of agri-food value chains. Firstly toward SMEs, the 5 clusters implemented collective and individual support to facilitate cross-fertilization between IT solutions providers and agrifood players. The objective through these activities was to stimulate new innovative solutions fitting specific requirements of agrifood chain but also generate joint investments (KPI targeted 5M euros; 5,183 M achieved).

TRACK is an ESCP.S3 partnership with a close coordination with the Smart Specialization Strategy Partnership.  Maintaining contact with European regions, networks, initiatives and projects was a key-action. Specific actions of dissemination and communication of results were very fruitful for all participants and ensured the complementarities (between regional, national & European scales but also covering different plant value chains). As mentioned in the final conference of the project (October 26th, 2020) – the benefits of building an interregional ecosystem facilitate and bring more positive achievements.

From the partnership experience and the debates with other COSME.ESCP.S3 projects (Connsensys and DigiClusters), TRACK partners conclude the project with a call for action (policy orientations wished for a next programmation) considering three main axioms:

  • Plant production is an economic pillar in the frontline of many contemporary challenges, for which innovation has to balance efficient production, ecosystem preservation and respect for the cultural background of farming.
  • Clusters’ capacities and competences combined with the good knowledge of each own territory allow cluster partnerships to efficiently address SMEs needs at international level.
  • Integration, articulation and capitalisation are the fundamental to deploy any sustainable strategy to the sector.

To find our public deliverables, click here or there. To find our webinar, click here.



NATUREEF (European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International 2016)

The scope of NATUREEF European Strategic Cluster Partnership was to design and implement a joint strategy promoting cross-sectoral cooperation and facilitating the internationalization of small and medium companies (SMEs) through SMEs mentoring and through the dissemination of their innovative technologies considering a new Natural Efficient Resource Concept.

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY was partner of the European project Natureef which built a sustainable network of clusters. The main topic was about the efficient use of natural resources.


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