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VEGEPOLYS VALLEY includes european projects as a strategic action to develop. For our members as for the cluster itself, European collaborations for R&D are very important. The creation and coordination of Plant Inter Cluster Network demonstrates how VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is involved. Being a Digital Innovation Hub and Competence Centre recognized by Smart Agrihubs project, it shows our capacity to be the relevant french partner.


Collaborative Projects Engineering

• To inform and generate ideas and projects on the 7 innovation axes
• To identify and connect national and international partners 
• To support innovative project design
• To guide towards European fundings
• To label projects
• To follow up the achievement of projects and promotion of results


Interclustering Projects

Co-funded by the European Commission, TRACK gathers 5 European clusters (NL, IT, SP, RO, FR). VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is coordinator. One of the main objective is to link SMEs from ICT Industry to the Agrifood Value Chains.


VEGEPOLYS VALLEY was partner of the European project Natureef which built a sustainable network of clusters. The main topic was about the efficient use of natural resources.


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