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On June 2019, the French Prime Minister ratified the merger of VEGEPOLYS and CÉRÉALES VALLÉE-NUTRAVITA and guaranteed the official endorsement of the fruit of their union for 2019-2022. The new name of this cluster is VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, which combined international ambitions, attached to horticulture and regional ambitions, attached to areable crops.

The competitiveness cluster  is an 1901 law association.

The 600 members are divided into 4 colleges (firms, research, experimentation and training organizations, consular chambers & others institutions, representative structures and development organizations) elected by a Board of Directors.

Flavie Delattre - President 

The major player in the plant sector, on a European and Global scale, is VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, chaired by Flavie Delattre.

In order to facilitate proximity, in line with VEGEPOLYS VALLEY’s key areas of development, four regional vice presidents have been appointed:

  > Régis CHEVALLIER (IPM in Pays de la Loire),
  > Jean- Michel AUNE (Association Régionale des Industries Agroalimentaires in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes),
  > Guillaume GASC (Eureden Innovation - Région Bretagne)
  > et Vincent DOUSSET (SCAEL - Région Centre-Val de Loire)

The cluster’s executive has been completed with the nomination of two thematic vice presidents:

  • Dominique Amilien (Vilmorin Mikado) in charge of International Business
  • Emmanuel HUGO (INRAE) in charge of Research


Board of directors and office


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