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Organizing events

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY organizes multiple international events in France, such as :
• Each year, the B2B Matchmaking event, VIBE, gathers more than 110 participants from 20 nationalities during the SIVAL International Fair in Angers (January).
• Every 2 years the Plant InterCluster (PIC) organizes a meeting in France focusing on Cluster to Cluster collaborations.
• In 2022, the ISHS will organize its International Horticultural Congress in Angers, VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is part of the organisation team (4000 scientists are expected).



Hosting fairs and colloquia

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY also promotes several regional and national activities which rise attractiveness of our territories, such as :
• Fairs and congresses : SIVAL, Salon du Végétal, Sirha, Paysalia, Sommet de l’élevage, International Asparagus Days.
• Symposia and Colloquia : ISHS, GreenSys, Nutrition…



Hosting Delegations

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY maintains doors opened along the year, and hosts foreign delegations from all over the world.This contributes to improve the global visibility of the cluster and its ecosystem. It could be the beginning of new collaborations and future MoU.




VEGEPOLYS VALLEY organizes for its members thematic missions (Discovery or Business) abroad to create links with foreign partners and distributors.

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY organizes pavillons and/or booths in different international fairs for its members in order to improve their visibility and to facilitate their access to the market.



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