FUL (Ferme Urbaine Lyonnaise)

This project follows on from the evolution of the consumer’s needs, with, as objective, the quality plant production, in large quantity, grown in an indoor artificial environment according to an environmentally friendly engineering. The FUL puts together different innovations serving a new tool of farming production organized in urban areas, clean and that can easily be reproduced.




This project eassesses and selects some innovative biocides whose toxicity has no impact on man and environment in order to market natural and approved products. GreenProtect particularly focuses on plant protection uses and on protection against mosquitoes...



This project aims at proposing an innovative and multi-purpose robotic solution. This means creating an intelligent and autonomous machine which will contribute to decrease the phytosanitary treatments, reduce the hardship of the farming tasks and to improve the productivity of the farms, for instance by weeding mechanically rather than by using chemical products. To watch the video : click here.




This project, whose goal is to efficiently compensate for the emergence of sulphur deficiencies, necessary for plant growth, in soils by developing innovative fertilizers enabling the activation of the nutrition and of the metabolism of sulphur inside the plant.



This project, dedicated to the protection of the vineyards against wood diseases. Its aim is to offer solutions and tools to be applied, from the nursery to the vineyard, to understand the impact of the parasite complex at the origin of wood diseases.



BRIO (Breeding, Research and Innovation on Ornamentals)

The collaborative project, aiming at optimizing and shortening the plant breeding deadlines in ornamental horticulture. It will enable the breeders to save, according to the flower species, 3 to 5 years in their plant breeding programmes, which usually last 6 to 10 years.


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