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VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is at the origin of the Plant InterCluster, a worldwide plant network, and sets up annual meetings with clusters and their members,  focusing on the building of European innovation projects.

Our focus:

Nowadays, agriculture is facing the global challenge to feed the world. Climate changes, reduction of pesticides, sustainable use of resources are strongly impacting our sector and particularly plant industry. To overpass these barriers, several plant clusters decided to join their effort and facilitate the linkage between innovative projects.

The Plant InterCluster has almost 10 years and built a strong international network with clusters around those sectors: cider, cereals, fruit and vegetables, ornamental horticulture, medicinal plants, mushrooms, seeds and winegrowing. This international and sectorial network works thanks to a common vision and motivation from its stakeholders. After 10 years of existence, back in 2018, the PIC founders decided to open up the steering committee to 5 others European clusters. Since 2020, the 12 European clusters signed a common MoU. This commitment ensures a sustainable action between clusters with clear objectives and roadmap.

Our objectives are:

  • Exchanges of best practices in innovation governance,
  • Support of technological cooperation and partnerships for innovation
  • Identification of complementary international skills in order to remove technological bottlenecks
  • International business opportunities (prospection and commercial values).

Our actions:

EU projects : Several projects came out from PIC network and PIC meeting. The discussion allows to anticipate better the future calls for proposals and identify the consortium in advance (COSME, Innosup, Erasmus+…).


European Cluster Collaboration Platform

European Cluster Collaboration Platform is the biggest network for clusters. VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is represented for boosting our visibility for any partners looking for Plant expertise.

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is a service facility aiming to provide cluster organisations with modern tools. ECCP shapes its services primarily for the needs of cluster managements, but its rich content can be useful for both the cluster members and for the cluster policy makers at regional, national or international level.

Being at the service of cluster organisations, with a unique offer of facilities and tools to create a favourable environment for collaboration to emerge and develop, ECCP aims to become the leading European hub for international cluster cooperation, building cluster bridges between Europe and the world.



The Thematic Smart Specialisation Platforms are joint initiatives between several Directorate Generals of the European Commission that encourage regions and their innovation actors across the EU to build strategic partnerships, promoting complementarity of regional funding for innovation in specific smart specialisation areas.

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY takes part in several  smart specialization strategy partnerships. On Agri-food S3P, the cluster is part of Big Data & Traceability, High Tech Farming and Consumer Involvement.


European Gold Label

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is one of the few clusters in Europe to be labelled with Gold. It confirms a position of leader as an organisation and is a proof of stability for European partnerships.


Memorandum of Understanding


Located in the 4 continents, our partners are dedicated to innovation and agriculture. MoU are signed most likely with similar organizations as cluster.  Want to see them? Check the map

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY has signed several Memorandum of Understanding over the last years. It gives a framework of collaborations with international partners (supporting cluster constructions ; Academics exchanges, cross-promotion of members…).


Other Networks

  • Regional groups for European networking: EUCLIDE, Ambition Europe, NOE, Hub Europe
  • Plant For the Future European Technology Platform: The Plant-ETP is a stakeholder forum for the plant sector with members from industry, academia and the farming community. It serves as a platform for all stakeholders concerned with plants to provide their views and represent their interests in an open discussion process

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