The plant industry and ambition

From genetics to uses

Our members active down the entire plant value chain :

Upstream (development and selection, plant and soil health, machinery and equipment and digital & AgTech).

Plant production (seeds and plants, arable crops, market gardening and fruit tree growing, ornamental horticulture, wine growing and cider growing, and aromatic and medicinal plants).

Processing/distribution (human and animal nutrition, nutrition for prevention and health, well-being and cosmetics, agro-materials and biotransformation,
urban planting and living environment).


In France, plant production accounted for 41 B€ in turnover in 2017 (source : Agreste 2017) and constituted the lion’s share of the 3 B€ surplus from gross agricultural production. In addition, worldwide it creates a great many new jobs, with more than 300,000 FTE jobs in plant farming operations out of 700,000 FTE in total. The food processing industry in plants achieves turnover of nearly 40 B€ for more than 100,000 jobs (source : Agreste 2017).

Our ambition

In order to meet the environnemental, economical and social criteria, VEGEPOLYS VALLEY aims at being the leading international plant cluster for more competitive, qualitative, environment and health-friendly agriculture.


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