Challenges and opportunities in vertical farming: What is needed to fulfil the potential in Europe? Danish and French perspectives

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Plant Inter Cluster Network proposing a series of webinars to share insights on the majors challenges in the plant sector. From the perspective of different European territories, the webinars will highlight the topics, the innovation, the challenges that are seen as priorities by each country or region. The aim is to facilitate the cross-fertilization of results but also to prepare for future European collaborations. After a 1st webinar on Organic production in horticulture, the topic is : VERTICAL FARMING.

Le programme :

Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers under straight controlled conditions. Vertical farms uses new technologies to reduce the load on the resources of the earth and uses only one fraction of land areal and water resources compared to traditional production methods. This type of production method is developing rapidly in North America and Asia, but European companies are also invested heavily in R&D and new production facilities.

This webinar will give an overview on the developments in vertical farming in France and Denmark and includes two company cases and give the attendees the opportunitiy to network with European vertical farming stakeholders.

By Nicolas Fégeant, Chairman of Plant Inter Cluster and Head of Internationalisation in VEGEPOLYS VALLEY - one of the leading French plant production clusters

Global trends in Vertical Farming
Ramin Ebrahimnejad - Vice Chair of the Board at Association for Vertical Farming

Quick overview of vertical farming in France
Pauline Mansot - Head of Vertical and Urban Farming in VEGEPOLYS VALLEY (represented by Nicolas Fégeant)

Futuragaia: Vertical farming solutions on living soil, in a controlled environment

Vertical Farming in Denmark
Claus Mortensen - Head of Danish Vertical Farming Network, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Optional discussions and networking in virtual groups (30 min, business language in English)

This webinar is organized by Vegepolys Valley from France and Food & Bio Cluster Denmark as a part of Plant Inter Cluster - a European partnership between nine innovative plant production clusters from seven countries representing more than 2000 companies and research institutions within plant innovation.

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