Our members and territories

The VEGEPOLYS VALLEY members are gathered together in 4 colleges :

  • The firms :

80% of the firms are SMEs (small and medium-size firms). Their products and/or services meet professionals, territorial authorities and consumers' needs, (ex : Limagrain, Pileje, Vilmorin, Fleuron d’Anjou, Terrena, Premier Tech, koopert…)

  • The trade unions and development agencies :

All the professional families are thus represented by their federation, union, inter-branch organization, association, etc…

  • The research and training centres : 

The Research and Training Centres such as INRA (national institute for agronomic research), the Universities (Angers, Clermont Ferrand, Nantes, Tours...), the " Grandes Ecoles" (professional schools) such as Agrocampus Ouest, ESA, etAgroSup...) are direct members but VEGEPOLYS VALLEY also relies more than 100 partner laboratories.

  • The  consular chambers :

CCI (Chambers of Commerce and Industry), Chambers of Agriculture, ...