Networks and interclustering projects

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY organize according trends and trends of ours members thematic missions (Discovery or Business) abroad to create links foreign partners and distributors. 

To improve their visibility and to facilitate their acess to the market, VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is represented and organize booths in différent international fairs

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VEGEPOLYS VALLEY initiator and coordinator of the Plant InterCluster, a worldwide plant network. Annual meeting with clusters and their members. The main focus is on building European innovation projects.


 European Cluster Collaboration Platform is the biggest network for clusters. VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is represented for boosting our visibility for any partners which look after Plant expertise.


VEGEPOLYS VALLEY takes part in several  smart specialization strategy partnerships. On Agri-food S3P, the cluster is part of Big Data & Traceability, High Tech Farming and Consumer Involvement.


TRACK logoCo-funded by the European Commission, this project gathered 5 European clusters (NL, IT, SP, RO, FR). VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is coordinator. The consortium works especially to link SMEs from ICT Industry to the Agrifood Value Chains. This project is on going and follow our activities : and @TrackGrowData



VEGEPOLYS VALLEY was partner of this European project which built a sustainable network of clusters. The main topic was about the efficient use of natural resources.



VEGEPOLYS VALLEY signed several Memorandum of Understanding over the last years. It gives a framework of collaborations with international partners (supporting cluster constructions; Academics exchanges, cross-promotion of members…)